What’s the Scariest Thing About Driverless Cars? Hint: It’s Not the Price.
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Stop me if you’ve had this fantasy: You’re sitting within the front seat of your car because it speeds down a highway, your feet planted on the ground , hands resting in your lap. Maybe soft jazz plays, pausing only so your David Attenborough sound-alike self-driving car can offer you your estimated time of arrival .

But for me, this divine daydream usually ends abruptly and dramatically — my car’s dashboard goes dark and that i plow into a semi-trailer, or a hacked AI vehicle sideswipes me, knocking my lateral mirror into a ditch.

Apparently, I’m not alone. A PCMag survey on future technology polled 2,016 people and included questions on STEM toys, AI , and driverless cars; 45 percent said safety concerns and technology failures were their biggest fears with autonomous vehicles.

We hear about driverless cars most frequently once they crash — and even when it’s unclear whether the driving force or AI is responsible a couple of fatal accidents are enough to strengthen our worst fears. It’s one thing to trust an AI to curate your workout playlist; it’s another to trust one together with your life.

Cost and hacking threats took subsequent spots on the list of concerns at 16 and 15 percent, respectively. While it’s true exorbitant prices still plague the industry (Lidaralone can add quite $75,000 to a car’s sticker price), hacking isn’t as common as you’ll think. and company data misuse (8 percent), infrastructure issues (7 percent), and job loss (7 percent) rounded out the poll.

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